Friday, January 11, 2008

Loving San Antonio-Loving Texas

So it's been five months already that we've been able to call San Antonio home, and what a great place it is. Everybody HAS to make a least one vacation/trip here in their life because there's no other place like it. I'll post a picture or two of the two most visited attractions in Texas, and they're right here in our city--the Alamo and the River Walk. I love experiencing new places for the first time and studying out the geography on Google Earth and on maps. Just last weekend, to end my Christmas break with a bang, we headed down to the Gulf Coast, just over two hours away. I couldn't believe it was January and over 70 degrees and it was wonderful! Something about being at the ocean just renews your spirit. It was a beautiful beach, on the north tip of Padre Island just south of Corpus Christi. We've managed to pack a lot into these first 5 months in Texas, and we're proud to call this home.



Sally said...

First of all, welcome to the world of Blog! Second, I LOVE that picture of you guys on the Riverwalk! Third, love the video of Addy dancing. Was that at Six Flags?

Isn't Texas fun. We're sooo soooo glad you're here with us on this wonderful adventure!

sethprob81 said...

WOW! The cutest thing in the world. Even though you guys are in Texas, I feel like i'm there every moment because of these blogs. Thanks for all the postings, and know that some people just look at them and don't post, so it's not like nobody cares! love ya Spencer!!

JAMIE COOK~ said...

honestly it is hard for me to watch and look at cause i miss you guys so much, this just makes me cry. Keep it up though

Clean Cut said...

Yes, Sally, this video was taken at Six Flags. We can't wait to go back in the Spring! Texas IS so fun. We're glad we're here too.