Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 18th--Happy Anniversary!

Too often in wanting to write a love note to my wife I let my fear of failure get in the way from trying. It's not really that I fear imperfect writing, but that my words wouldn't be sufficient to express how great she really is or do my love for her justice. Then I usually end up lamely lacking any love note at all. So today, June 18th, our anniversary, I've decided to cast my fear aside and try to say a very sincere "thank you" and "love you" at the same time...

Dearest Sara,
I can't imagine life without you. My greatest joy and yet my hardest challenge is to live worthy of you. I love you so much. Thank you for your true love and for believing the best in me. You deserve perfection in a spouse, and yet I'm unable to give it. Thanks for loving me anyway. You'll never know how much you mean to me. And I really mean that.

It's true that I too often resist getting "sentimental" or "romantic". Why do I do that? Is it fear of failure? Fear that I wouldn't measure up to what I wish I could give you? Forgive me. I'll try to have more faith. I'll try to learn to do better.

I also too often take for granted the marvelous spiritual journey that brought us together. That's one more thing that I'll try to include with all the other scriptural mandates to "remember"--because it's certainly one of the most powerful, poignant, and pivotal turning points in my personal "eternity".

You are so easily filled with joy. You genuinely are filled with light. Thank you for sharing in the journey of life with me. You are my everything and I'm blessed to be married to you.

I marvel when I watch you with our girls. You are the perfect mother. Our daughters don't even know how blessed they are. You're daily efforts often go unnoticed by mortals, and mostly me, but I know heaven smiles down on you and it fills me with gratitude and joy.

You're not only incredibly beautiful, but you're brilliant. And I love it when you sing. Your voice is almost sacred to me. I don't talk about it often because I don't want it to change how pure and angelic you sing. But I love it, and I love you!

This thing called life just wouldn't be fulfilling without you. I'm so glad that because of sacred promises and covenants made, we will always be together-forever. I'm so grateful to our Savior who makes that hope a reality.

So much to learn, live, love, and experience together. I can hardly wait to get started on the rest of our forever.

Here's to much fun, faith, and a fulfilling life in the years to come! Happy Anniversary! (The flowers made me think of you.)


Sally said...

Spence, I think that was beautiful. Just like your beautiful bride. Love you guys!

Rachel said...


Soooo romantic!

Just like I commented on Sara's blog earlier, I don't know which of you is luckier to have the other. You both are absolutely amazing and wonderful. I'll just say you both are incredibly BLESSED.

Happy Anniversary!

JAMIE Probert COOK~ said...

I love it sooo much spence... so tender and so sweet. It is hard to express that kind of feelings and put it just the way it needs to, but the point was made. I love you both and am so happy you are my brother.

President said...

Hey just wanted to tell you happy anniversary a few days late!!! Our family loves you spencer and are very happy that we have you in our family and are taking care of crazy Sara. We love you. take care.

Anonymous said...

Man! Can I just cut and paste that for my wife?! You're good, bro!

SusieQ said...

You guys are BOTH awesome !!!

Ashlee said...

That was beautiful Spencer. It is never easy or even possible to get your feelings exactly right when you write them down but this was pretty close I imagine. Happy anniversary!