Sunday, November 23, 2008

On Her Soapbox: Twilight and True Love

My wife gets on her soapbox about Twilight here. Regardless of your feelings (or lack thereof) concerning the series, this is a commentary from a deeply charitable and intelligent Young Women's president that's worth the read...

An excerpt:
"Some women have said that the hidden (yet stimulating) sexual innuendos came as a welcomed surprise for their husbands. That they had an extra little spark (if you know what I mean) in their marriage. A positive outcome for such a reader. But what happens for our young people who may get such a spark of provoked (even as slightly as it may be) sexual feelings? To what degree do we allow ourselves the entertainment of sexual thought? Although sexual abstinence before marriage is heavenly commanded and to be highly commended, isn't our virtue more than just refrainment? Is not our virtue the very measure of our thoughts and desires of our heart?"

...Believe me, I am not embarrassed to speak about the joys of sexual intimacy within marriage. I want all the youth to know how awesome it is and that it should be appropriately anticipated. Sometimes there is an unhealthy silence about this subject than can lead to curious premarital exploration or guilty conscience complex in a marriage. While sexual intimacy is exciting and an important part in supporting love in a marriage, I hope they know that it is not the greatest, strongest, or most needed part of a lasting marriage. (Oh' how I hate the world for trying to tell them differently.) An eternal relationship is so different and so much more than that of Edward and Bellas'. Real love is formed on trust, honesty, mutual respect, understanding, communication, service, self worth, and sacrifice. And-Yes, there is exhilarating chemistry! Yes, there is exciting attraction! Yes, there is crucial longing for each other! Heavenly Father made us to be together, to need each other...But not in a desperate, uncontrollable, I'm nothing without you kind of way. But rather in a bridled, eternal, charitable, kind, strengthening, selfless, rest of forever, pure joy way.

Now why can't there be a book about that."


Papa D said...

It's interesting that many who read the books describe the relationship in exactly the way you want it to be. I haven't read them (as hard as my wife and daughters have tried to get to read them), but I find it fascinating that people get such different lessons from them.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment. I posted a longer comment on Life's Little Miracles. My premise was that I enjoyed the books and didn't see many of the problems that others see. I consider myself a spiritually and morally intune person, but I also consider Sara a spiritually and morally intune person, (although I only know Spencer and Sara from their blogs).

So why do you think that people get such different lessons from these books, or any other books or forms of media?

Clean Cut said...

I concur--that is fascinating, Papa D. And that's a great question, Anonymous. We could probably extend it to ask why do some people find certain activities Sunday appropriate (or at least not that bad) while others would find those same activities not appropriate for the Sabbath, or why some of us justify some things that others would find unacceptable.

Perhaps things aren't THAT bad, in comparison to prevalent alternatives, but the talk that comes to mind is Good, Better, Best, by Elder Oaks.