Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Gospel Principles"--An Instant Classic

A conversion story that inspires the soul:  Gospel Principles, by Tracy M.


NM said...

She certainly became a Mormon alright. I'm all for training the mind [because it is in what-we-know and understand, that comes how-we-respond]. But where is the conviction of sin in her experience? Was she not appalled by the Gospel-principle that her heart is naturally opposed to God? I certainly remember my first reaction when coming to 'know' about Jesus' sacrifice, was that of offence. I was offended by the idea that little old me is a SINNER; in need of a Saviour. Is there any mention of God's explosive holiness? Is there anything about His wrath? Is there anything about grace and substitutionary atonement?

In my life, my reaction, although, offended at first, when I realised what the gospel is all about, is that of humility and thankfulness that Jesus has done it all :) It certainly wasn't anything about 'oh this is the true church' or whatever, but it's all about Him who absorbed the punishment I deserve.

Clean Cut said...

NM, it should be noted that she wasn't coming to know Christ for the first time. She was learning thrilling truths about Christ for the first time. She would probably say they deepened her understanding and appreciation of Christ. It seems like a Calvinist, such as yourself, is used to another meaning of the word conversion. I can appreciate both meanings of the word.

Papa D said...

Hers is a wonderful story - and I hope everyone can feel great joy that someone received a deeper conviction of Jesus, the Christ, as Savior and Redeemer, even if it is worded differently among different people.