Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Church Signs: Second Edition

Ever since I took a picture of my favorite church sign, I've been on the look out for others I can capture and share.  Here are a few that have caught my eye recently for one reason or another:

I really like this one from a local United Methodist Church, (although not likely to show up in front of an LDS Church):

On the other hand, here are a couple that would fit in quite well at an LDS church, especially the sign as you leave the parking lot of the local John Calvin Presbyterian Church ("You are now entering the mission field"):

Another LDS type sign, since we know how much LDS folk love focussing on "self-improvement":

A little sign caught my eye inside the kitchen of the Stake Center where I attend (definitely NOT one of my favorites):

Still haven't found one to rival my favorite sign, but I've enjoyed snapping the pictures none the less.


Keri Brooks said...

My favorite church sign ever was one I saw on my mission in western North Carolina. It said "Parking for church members only. Trespassers will be baptized."
Another one I saw was "Damn is not God's last name."

Kurt said...

There are a few I would like to see in an LDS church. For example...during fast Sunday they should put a sign on the lectern that says, "We don't care about your vacation." Or maybe a sign in the foyer during Sunday School that says "No Loitering".

Clean Cut said...

Good ones! Thanks for sharing.

Papa D said...

My favorite was in Alabama:

"Come early and get a seat in the back."