Wednesday, November 16, 2011

His Prayer Is My Prayer

Lately I've become a bit more selective of when I say "amen".  (It's not a passive thing to me--I want it to mean something and not be taken for granted).  Here is a prayer to which I have no reservations saying amen--meaning, this is my prayer also:

"My prayer is that the Lord will give me discernment; that He will bless me to be honest, frank, and courageous when those are required, and to be discreet, understanding, and sensitive when those qualities are appropriate." --Leonard Arrington, p. 94 of "Adventures of a Church Historian"


Papa D said...

What a wonderful quote.

So many people think unrestrained bluntness is the ideal simply because it is honest - not realizing that honesty can be expressed in numerous ways. Sometimes boldness is necessary - but sometimes, though true, it is cruel, lazy and cowardly.

mateo said...