Friday, February 1, 2008

Why I Love Blogging

I love reading blogs. Not only is it a great way to stay in touch with family, but it's fascinating to see how other people think. I've found an LDS blog that usually is pretty fascinating reading. Not just because of what the main blogger says, but because the people who leave comments begin entirely new conversations. Those are sometimes just as fascinating as the original post. They get you to evaluate your beliefs and the way you communicate them to others. Your eyes are opened to other people's viewpoints, and sometimes you come away more informed because of an electronic social interaction with them, whether you agree completely or not. It's usually an enlightening experience.

Link to this post from the blog Mormanity and take some time to read through all the comments and the discussion that takes place between members of the "bloggernacle" (LDS bloggers) as well as those not of our faith on the theme of whether Mormons have a monopoly on truth, and then shooting off in other directions. They're interesting reading and they demonstrate what I love most about blogging--the conversation that can take place between commenters. It's fascinating to observe--and very seldom does Jeff Lindsay (the creator of Mormanity) even jump in, if at all. I think he too appreciates that his blog can provide a forum to an interactive discussion and as a place to share views, ideas, and information.

This would be the result of my ideal blogging world; having prolonged discussions about whatever topics come to mind. Of course, I would have to choose a specific theme to blog about to get as many readers as Mormanity, and that's not something I'm interested in doing just yet on my blog. Nor do I care about the quantity of visitors, but the quality of the conversation. Whether as an outside observer or sometimes as a contributer, whether on mine or on other blogs-I just enjoy the blogging experience. It has stimulated thought-provoking questions as well as answers. It's a great way to stay in touch with family and share all kinds of experiences, as well as benefit from the wisdom, humor, and experiences of complete strangers. I just enjoy a good written conversation from time to time. Sometimes the "voice" that comes out through the writing process is as interesting as the things that are said. So here's to blogging! The more people that join the "conversation" the better!


JAMIE COOK~ said...

HEre here...I keep trying to tell steve that he should write a blog of his own...Just for his own record of events and happenings.

Blogging can be a little addicting you should take off the word verification.

I love being able to express myself through the blog, and love it if others choose to comment.

Eugene Lakes said...

I brought grandma over to the school so she could read through the family blogs and enjoy all the pictures.

k-dub said...

I wanted to say here here too, but Jamie beat me to it! Blogging is addicting and I've spent too much time that I didn't have reading in the "blogernacle". Lot's of interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing the links you enjoy, so we can enjoy them too.
P.s. It also irks me that "swedish" only finds time to comment on your blog, and not mine! Yes, swedish, I'm talking to YOU! You can try to hid behind your psudoname (is that the right word?) but I know who you are!!!

H-less E-less said...

Ok this is so great K-dub...Swedish is actually making fun of Spencer from how he ended a prayer a few nights ago (although it works as a good alias for mom). I'm laughing so hard at your comments.
Spence, I too want to join in the commenting. There is a certain type therapy that comes in writing that I know we both enjoy. You are one of my favorite books to read.

Sally said...

I try to comment on most of the blogs I visit, to be nice, but a lot of times someone else has said what I thought of, and then I'm left feeling like a dork with nothing to say! So sometimes I must admit, I'm a lurker. I'm always amazed at how clever and witty some people are on their blogs.

JAMIE COOK~ said...

you are now an author on idol

Rachel said...

I couldn't agree more. The blogging world is awesome!