Saturday, April 5, 2008

D. Todd Christofferson: Links to Past Talks

Becoming a Witness of Christ (How ironic is that?)--March 2008 Ensign focussing entirely on the Savior

When Thou Art Converted--April 2004 General Conference

A Sense of the Sacred--Nov. 2004 CES Broadcast

Greatness--2007 BYU Summer Commencement

That They May Be One With Us--October 2002 General Conference

Let Us Be Men--October 2006 General Conference Priesthood Session

Moral Agency--BYU Devotional, Jan. 31st, 2006

Allegiance to God--Oct. 19th, 1999

The Priesthood Quorum--Oct. 1998 Priesthood Session of General Conference

And here's a link to a frank question and answer session with Reuters and Elder Christofferson from this past summer.


Sally said...

11:45 that you posted this Spencer? Really, I'm a little disappointed. He was called around 11:20 or so. A little quicker next time, please!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for posting these! As I was trying to learn more about our newest apostle, I found your links very handy! And in such a timely manner! ;o)

Karlgaard's said...

Hey Spencer..just wanted to say hey, this is Kari (Tripp), if you remember me! You have a cute little family!! Would love to hear back!!