Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reasons Why I Love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

There have to be a million reasons to love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here's my feeble attempt to list some that stand out to me, although not necessarily in order of importance. Naturally, the list is not all-inclusive, so please feel free to add your own:
1. Jesus Christ himself restored the Church [Try to top that one! :)]
2. The pure Gospel of Jesus Christ that is taught, leading us to partake of the Atonement, and thus have true joy.
3.. Imperfect people make up the entire membership of the Church, thus providing us with lots of opportunities to practice living Christ's teachings and putting the gospel into practice!
4. The Spirit. The simple, sweet, whisperings of the Holy Ghost confirming the truth of all things.
5. The Scriptures. They never cease to amaze and edify. In addition to the Bible, we have the restoration scriptures known as The Book of Mormon (another testament of Jesus Christ), the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price--each giving greater light and knowledge and each centered on the Redeemer of Mankind.
6. Prophets and Apostles (past and present)--they bless our lives in ways too many to list.
7. General Conference
8. The fact that the Church's humanitarian efforts reach out and bless the needy of the world regardless of race, politics, and religion.
9. Blessings of the Priesthood
10. We're all volunteer's. Nobody gets paid to preach. That means we each have a contribution to make and can all help "grow the Church" in more ways than one. (Although, now that I think about it, I certainly wouldn't refuse a little cash for teaching seminary every morning at 6am!)
11. Emphasis on eternal families. "Our family can be together forever!"
12. The hymns, the Tabernacle Choir, and other great music.
13. There's something for everyone, and there's always something new to learn and experience--always.
14. And there's something about the controversy, which has always accompanied the Church, that gives us a pretty unique legacy and keeps things interesting. (It's like living in the eye of a storm: calm on the inside and turbulence swirling about). At least we're never at a loss with things to discus!
15. Direct Revelation from God, both personally and for the Church collectively. It guides our personal lives, and it guides the life of the Church too. We can't get too messed up before God turns us in the right direction!


Eric Nielson said...

Nice list.

I also find the doctrine of Mormonism to be very theologically powerful, and very underrated.

C Jones said...

I agree with all of your reasons, and would add that I love Joseph Smith. You can't spend too much time on the internet without reading a lot of criticism of him but I don't care about his flaws. I love him for his courage and his commitment and his loyalty to his friends. And especially for his willingness to do whatever it took to give us the restorationist gospel and to organize the Church.

Clean Cut said...

Well said. I heartily agree. Thank you!

Clean Cut said...

I don't know how I forgot to mention that I love that in our Church we don't tear down other churches. We teach that there is good and truth everywhere. "Bring all the good and truth that you have and let us see if we can add to it". Unfortunately most everywhere you go on the internet (and even in person) many other churches teach or publish anti-mormon things. Very curious indeed. May it always be the case that Latter-day Saints focus on Christ in all their meetings--not on other churches.
By their fruits ye shall know them...

Tim Malone said...

Part of #11 but specifically: The Temple and Family History work and the doctrine of proxy ordinances. No other church offers ordinances for the dead.

Closely associated with #9 - The authority of the priesthood and specifically, the keys of the kingdom. We wouldn't have a leg to stand on without visits from angels who ordained Joseph Smith - miraculous!

Part of #6 - The mission of Joseph Smith. There has never been anyone quite like him. He is fascinating. Oh, I see C Jones already added this one. Ditto then.

H-less E-less said...

I love you Babe and I love this list. I whole heartedly agree! My addition would be our Covenants. It's a wonder that we are permitted to make promises with a perfect eternal being and given blessings associated with them. And along with that, our places of covenants, the Holy Temples.

David T. said...

I'd have to add that I love the conversion process. There is such a customized diversity in how the Spirit guides and witnesses to each and every child of Heavenly Father: Diversity in timeframe, vehicle (everything from a girlfriend to a sworn enemy) and method (whispering, hollering, tapping on the shoulder...). It's a further testimony to me that Father intimately knows each of us and has a personal way of dealing with every child in a special way-- which, in turn, testifies of the truthfulness of the Gospel. It's enough to make one verklempt.

SusieQ said...

I love the fellowship with other saints who share the same beliefs.

Clean Cut said...

Great additions. I don't how I left off the temple. That deserves it's own spot. As well as all of the powerful covenants and ordinances available only in this church.

Katrina said...

Okay, So I am about 5 months late in commenting on this post. But I just wanted to add that along with all the wonderful reasons listed here, I also love the church because of the Relief Society. I know the Relief Society was divinely inspired. It is way more than just a class to attend on Sundays. I know that Relief Society helps us to strengthen each other, and learn charity, the pure love of Christ.

Clean Cut said...

It's never too late to add to the list! Thanks for doing so!