Friday, September 5, 2008

The Power of The Book of Mormon in My Life

It's hard to put into words something that is so dear to your heart--something that has so frequently blessed your life and filled it with excitement, exhilaration, and power. And yet that is exactly what the Book of Mormon does for me. I'm not one to ever minimize my testimony of the Holy Bible, but it's just that the Book of Mormon is so unique to this dispensation of time. It's an unparalleled powerful witness of the risen Lord Jesus Christ. It builds faith. Faith in Christ. Faith in the Restoration. It teaches simple, plain, and powerful truths that thrill my mind, heart, and my soul every time I read or teach from the book. It brings the Spirit into my life and I'm able to see things so clearly--"things as they really are, and of things as they really will be" (Jacob 4:13)--and my vision centers on the Redeemer of the World. The Book of Mormon is a message of hope--hope in Christ, through His atonement, and it leads to a pure love of Christ. My heart turns--repents--and begins to trust more in God. I feel a humble gratitude that I can be filled with such goodness and partake of so much wisdom. It's simply incredible.


Jared said...

Well put! I feel the same way, brother.

Thanks for sharing.

H-less E-less said...

I appreciate your simple yet eloquent testimony of The Book of Mormon. I could never doubt its origin because of it's ability to bring me closer to heaven.

I don't comment here that often because we talk so frequently about these topics. I do want to say how pleased I am to have such a true man for a husband. You are true to your faith and truly devoted to seeking understanding and love for others.

Carry on!

Kelli W. said...

I love this post because I feel the same way! Word for word. You are so good at putting into word the emotions of the heart and Spirit.
Hug your sweet family for me! I miss you guys!!!