Thursday, January 14, 2010

Conviction Must Be Undergirded By Love

Regardless of what others may take away from Ravi Zacharias' 2004 sermon at the Tabernacle, here's one of my favorite lines:

“I’m very aware that there are differences in our belief systems and some of them are pretty deep. But we find the common ground on which to meet and talk. Because conviction that is not undergirded by love makes the possessor of that conviction obnoxious and the dogma possessed becomes repulsive. And so whatever our differences may be…it is wonderful that in a world torn by strife and so on, that we can come together, especially on a subject so vast, that at the end of it we are bound to walk away and say we know almost nothing of this, because we are dealing with the loftiest of all personages—our very own Lord Jesus Christ, whom we follow, and before whom one day every knee shall bow.”

The quote begins at minute 3:07 here:

The entire broadcast (well worth the time) can be viewed here:


Papa D said...

Amen, CC - especially the bolded thought from which the title was taken. I have said often that the tone in which the message is delievered and the true intent of the heart of the messenger is every bit as important as the message itself.

Jessica said...

I love Ravi Zacharias. I have CDs of his 3 talks back in 2004 when he spoke at the Salt Lake Tabernacle. He also gave a talk at the University of Utah on The Basis of Truth and Weber State U on The Loss of Truth, but you might already know about that. All good talks.

I love the quote you shared.