Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Who is Joseph Smith?

 I know a lot of people might answer that question a lot of different ways; here's the Jeopardy "answer" from Dec. 20th last week.  (Category was "Prophets")


Passionate Moderate Mormon said...

Why not?:

According to this "Prophet's" "History" an "Angel" appeared at his beside & told him where to find the "gold plates"

But it's not bad for a little attention with only one set of "quotes."

Last Lemming said...

The quotes are meant to signify that the claim comes from an actual document--in this case Joseph Smith-History from the PoGP. They are not a commentary on that document's accuracy.

Clean Cut said...

What Last Lemming said. It only signifies the title of the document where the account is found.

Parenthetically, I placed the name/title of the category "Prophets" in quotation marks too, but I worried that it might make it seem like Jeopardy was passing judgment on whether they're "really" prophets. Perhaps I should have just italicized the name of the category since the quotation marks weren't actually in the original.

This, of course, all reminds me of one of my favorite (and hilarious) blogs: http://www.unnecessaryquotes.com/

Papa D said...

My answer to your title question:

A much more complex, complicated, intricate, real person than we too often want to admit. Iow, a real prophet - much like so many of the other prophets described in our scriptures (and especially the Old Testament) - not the caricature we (BOTH his admirers and his critics) draw so reflexively.