Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"I see through a glass darkly and I kinda like it"

Spotlighting a great post by Blair Hodges:  "I see through a glass darkly and I kinda like it" .  I think it pretty much sums up my feelings word for word.  One excerpt (but go read the whole post):

...The slippery slope goes like this: "If leaders in the past made mistakes (potentially the priesthood ban or something like it) then what about now?" I personally see the problem as part of a direct invitation to take more personal responsibility for our relationship to God. Sort of like when Nephi took things straight to God even though his dad had visions and so forth, and later when his dad "spoke as a man" leaving it up to Nephi to get some personal revelation on where to find some grub....

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Papa D said...

It's good that you got the attribution right, but I don't mind if you think I wrote it. *lol*

I use that verse as a tagline for one of the online groups where I comment regularly. It's one of my favorites, since I view it as a great reason to try to figure thinks out the best I can without stressing out about if I'm right or wrong.

My best is my best, and I think God appreciates that I play my saxophone to the best of my ability amid the pioccolos that dominate much of the time. I don't begrudge their melody, so they generally don't degrudge my counter-harmony.