Sunday, January 22, 2012

Genuine Mormon Relationships

I can't say enough about the awesome experience I had attending the Mormon Stories Conference held in Houston this past weekend.  It was a close enough drive from San Antonio to attend, and my wife was gracious enough to encourage my attendance by taking care of the kids.

I didn't take notes, because I assumed most of the talks would be released as podcasts anyway, but I could have filled up a notebook.  There was so much honesty, benevolence, virtue, and "doing good to all men"--an article of faith truly worthy of seeking after--and I found myself longing for more of this in my own ward community.

The connections made and the people I met were truly, genuinely amazing.  Gay, straight, believer, unbelievers and all sorts of in between, the title of the conference really captured it well: "positive relationships through empathy and dialogue".  I loved hearing peoples "stories" and instantly feeling I had made a friend.  All I can say is "thank you"!

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