Thursday, June 19, 2014

We've Polluted the Holy Church of God

I personally have not agreed with every move Kate Kelly or Ordain Women have made. I worry that pride is overriding her humility, and thus her effectiveness for being an agent for good. But I see some of that in myself, so I sympathize. (I should also probably add that I've also been disappointed with much of the way church officials have handled this whole ordeal, as well.)

Mostly, I listen and try to understand rather than rush to judgement. I admit, it sometimes comes easier for me to do this to the side of the underdog, but I know that I need to extend compassion in all directions.

In Mormon 8, Moroni says he speaks to us as if we're present. Then he proceeds to tell us that we've polluted the holy church of God. The worst form of pollution I see is how "Christlike" members have treated each other over faithful differences and points of concern. There has been too much of shunning, judgment, and accusations, and not enough listening, understanding, compassion, and love.

If President Monson or other church leaders have been hurt by anything that has gone down, this is what I think has hurt more than anything--not the existence of Ordain Women, but the despicable responses to OW from fellow Saints. We've polluted the holy church of God. The fruit is seen in the way Kate Kelly's "court of love" is being handled and discussed.

Of course, I'm not sure how aware President Monson is aware of the details since it has been confirmed by top leadership (though not publicized) that he suffers from "short term memory loss", or dementia.

So we need prayers for EVERYONE involved.


John Schmutz said...

Sources on the 'short-term memory loss", please. Otherwise, it's "he said, she said."

Clean Cut said...

John, I don't have a footnote for you. It was spoken by an area presidency in a training with stake presidencies.