Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Hotter than Hell!"

I've spent the past few days with family in St. George, Utah. We had a blast, but it's sure hot here. 104 degrees right now as I sit in the airport waiting for the plane to fly back home. I think it hit 106 yesterday. I have a deeper appreciation for J. Golden Kimball's statement about this place in the summertime. He said that if he had a choice between spending the summer in St. George or Hell, he'd choose Hell, because "St. George is hotter than Hell!"


NJensen said...

I think this is what J. Golden had to say about St. George (also my grandparent's home):

"I don't know how the people of St. George can stand the heat, the Indians, the snakes and the flooding Virgin River. If I had a house in St. George and a house in Hell, I'd rent out the one in St. George and move straight to Hell."

Clean Cut said...

Darn, I liked mine better. :) Now my swearing is without justification!

Actually, now that I read the quote as you included it here, that's what I remember reading originally. I think that's probably right, so thanks. I was going with what I remembered from reading it years ago but without checking for the source. But then again, with J. Golden lore, isn't that kind of thing acceptable?

I think it was historian Stanley Kimball who said (here I go again without documentation--too lazy right now) that "J. Golden Kimball wasn't a one of a kind, he was just the last of his kind!"

The ironic thing is that it isn't much cooler in San Antonio (my home) during the summer. I think we just spend more time inside with air conditioning that I don't notice it like I do when on vacation. But the weather during the rest of the year here in South Texas is perfect.

Mormon Heretic said...

Ya gotta love J Golden Kimball!!!

lauri said...

I think you just like saying "hell"!

Aaron said...

Ha ha that's funny. I've been to St. George and yes it is hot and looks like hell or Mars. My wife and I were on a road trip and we tried to sleep in the back of a truck the one night we stayed there. I think it must have been 85 degrees all night long. No sleep for me that night.