Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One "Reflection" From a Scientist: Seek a Happy Balance

If you haven't read "Reflections of a Scientist" by Henry Eyring, you're missing a gem from one of my new favorite Mormons. (Thank you Jake [friend in my ward who occasionally reads my blog] for letting me borrow it! I enjoyed it thoroughly!) Even though Henry Eyring's son serves in the First Presidency and Elder Maxwell once opined that he was "the most distinguished Mormon scientist of this dispensation", I'm convinced that he is very much under-appreciated by the masses.

I'm completely fascinated by him. He's both insightful and hilarious--even at the same time. He shares his insights on topics such as truth, the Church, Church leaders, science enhances religion, warts and skeletons, the age of the earth, and even organic evolution. There are plenty of quotes worth sharing, but here's one of a more serious nature from the "Warts and Skeletons" chapter:

“We should be willing to enjoy a full picture of our heroes, leaders, and history. I believe that when we ignore the “darker side” we leave ourselves unprepared for the revelation of some unhappy deed or event of past or present. We might be better off if we leave the warts on and let a few of the skeletons out of the closets ourselves for open examination. On the other hand, there are dangers in debunking everyone and everything that is a little above the ordinary. We ought to seek a happy balance of letting the truth flow forth without either hiding or digging for problems.”


Papa D said...

He's one of my favorites, as well. His writings are profound - and, as you said, infused with a wonderful sense of humor.

Tom said...

I love Henry Eyring!

Part chemist, part philosopher. 100% spiritual giant.

I love it when Henry Eyring and/or Eyring plots come up in my field (chemistry). If only everybody else knew how awesome he is! But it's hard to articluate, especially to non-LDS.

We recently purchased "Mormon Scientist." Haven't gotten to it yet, though.

Mormon Heretic said...

I'll have to check out this book. I loved the quote you shared, and agree with it.