Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ALL Families Are Valuable

"What I think I wish, and this is just an idea taking form, is that the 'value of the traditional family' was replaced with 'the value of all families'. I feel like a footnote when I get told, after a talk about family roles, that 'Oh, but you’re okay too!' ALL families are valuable. We are all likely working towards the same goals- namely an environment where those we care for, including ourselves, can grow and learn in love, happiness and safety."

Amen, Tracy M. Amen.


Tracy M said...

Hey, thanks a lot, CC. I appreciate the nod.

Papa D said...

Great post - and a very interesting comment thread.

Clean Cut said...

My pleasure, Tracy. Your post needs to be widely read. I agree with Papa D--great post.

Naturally, I think your post and the quote above applies to families both in and out of the Church. I love its inclusiveness and hope that this "all people have value" message helps eliminate prejudice in all its forms.