Thursday, April 2, 2009

In General, I like Conference

Actually, I LOVE General Conference. It's one of the things I love the most about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Spiritually speaking, it's like Christmas. I just get wrapped up in the "Spirit of the season"--or at least for about 10 hours this Saturday and Sunday.

Thousands to Attend 179th Annual General Conference

What Is General Conference?

General Conference Is Personal

The Blessings of General Conference


Tom said...

I agree. Conference is amazing. I can't count the number of talks over the years that have positively impacted my life.

I noticed your sidebar that links to a lot of my all time favorites: "An high priest of good things to come," "The Challenge to Become," Sunday Will Come," "Ye Must Be Born Again." and the 2 Holland talks about the Godhead and the Bible. Awesome selections!

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Clean Cut said...
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Clean Cut said...

Thanks Tom. Indeed, it's very exciting as we're now less than 24hours away from another historic and empowering spiritual feast.

I have to agree that it's practicaly impossible to count all of the talks that have had a positive impact on my life. I'm curious, though, if you can think of any classics that are be conspicously absent on my sidebar. Or maybe you might like to suggest one or two talks that you personally found memorable for whatever reason?

Clean Cut said...

(Not that it's only the talks that are powerful. We can't forget the music!)

ama said...

I agree with you, clean cut and also Tom. I actually wrote a post before last conference about the talks throughout my life that have positively impacted me. Feel free to check it out:

Katrina said...

I love how there is always something that is spoken of that makes you feel that it was meant just for you. And I especially love how all the talks are so accessible online, so that you can be uplifted again and again.

Clean Cut said...

ama--nice list! I also think Elder Holland's talk this morning is an instant classic.

Katrina--great points. Amen.

General Conference Reports

Tom said...

How does Elder Holland do it? Conference after conference he delivers INCREDIBLY powerful, hope-filled messages. You've already mentioned "An High Priest of Good Things to Come." Others:

Broken Things to Mend
Because she is a Mother
The Hands of the Fathers

Other classics:

Have you been saved? (E. Oaks)
Standing in Holy Places (Pres. Faust)
Clean Hands and a Pure Heart (E. Bednar)
He Heals the Heavy Laden (E. Oaks)
A Matter of a Few Degrees (Pres. Uchtdorf)
Those 2 about prayer by Elder Bednar - can't remember the titles
"Tender Mercies of the Lord" (Elder Bednar)
I could go on forever. :)

"Instant classics" from this conference:

1. Definitely Elder Holland's
2. Elder Christofferson on the role of covenants (with a good discussion about "the new and everlasting covenant)
3. Elder Scott's talk on the temple
4. Pres. Eyring's talk on having faith in difficult times
5. Maybe not a "classic" but I found it timely and good for me personally- Elder Hales's talk about distinguishing needs and wants, budgeting, etc. A lot of great principles to guide our purchasing decisions!

Tom said...

I've been compiling a list of conference talks / talks from General Women's Meeting (courtesy of my wife) that have been especially meaningful to me. Here's a link to the list as compiled so far:

I'm adding more all the time.