Thursday, January 24, 2008

Latest on Mitt Romney--What are your thoughts?

Mitt and McCain are about even in the latest Florida polls. And it looks like Romney is gaining momentum there, even taking the lead in one poll just released by Fox news. That's going to be a big day on Tuesday. Come on Florida--listen to Rush Limbaugh! On a side note, there was an interesting article in the New York Times today about Romney being the most hated by the other Republican candidates. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts about it.

Here's what one commenter said, and I pretty much agree: "The thing the other presidential candidates dislike about Romney is that he makes them feel inferior. They are used to the same-old, same-old way things have always gotten done in politics, and here comes this new, highly successful and accomplished guy, a business genius. He's squeaky clean, no skeletons in the closet. He's smarter, taller and better looking than they are, has never been divorced, and has a wonderful, adoring family. Turns them green with envy.

Mitt is surging as people get to know him. I think he has a very good chance of becoming our next president, and I believe he will make a really great one. McCain is really not conservative, nor does he have the temperament for leader of the world's sole super power. His hair-trigger temper is a real drawback

How do you see it?


Clean Cut said...

I failed to mention that Rush Limbaugh recently warned his 13.5 million listeners about voting for John McCain and Mike Huckabee: "If either of these two guys gets the nomination, it's going to destroy the Republican Party." A few days later, Limbaugh was so outraged by the possibility that Republicans might support McCain that he bellowed, "If you Republicans don't mind McCain's positions, then what is it about Hillary's positions you dislike? They're the same!" (from an article in Time Magazine)

Clean Cut said...

Here's the address for that article.,8599,1706450-4,00.html

Very interesting article about "the resurrection of John McCain" that actually brings up very valid concerns.

SusieQ said...

Mitt all the way!!

Clean Cut said...
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H-less said...

Not only is it hard for me to understand the incentive some of these guys have in picking on Romney, but how the public can't see through it. "Really? You actually believe that?" I want to say...GO Mitt. Surely it will get worse before we have the nominee.

Unknown said...

These are good articles, my nagging concern is how little attention is being paid to Mitt and how the democrats feel the man that will make it to the primaries is McCain. It seems so devious. Just John Edwards making the statement, "It looks like we will be running against McCain" sets the stage before anyone has cast votes. It looks like these people really know how to work the system.

Another throught. Mr. Hukabee most rigorously has touted his campaign as a grass roots effort not like others who buy the support of the American peoplewith personal wealth.
My thoughts, and they come from my neighbor, who observed a very rich family in our neighborhood. He said if a man has been working harder than other men and makes more than we do, what have we against that. Perhaps Romney's wealth is a sign of how he will preserve the countries wealth. Instead of hollywood wealth supporting him or for that matter other companies and donations it seems Romney will be more likely to be able to run the presidency without the intense feeling of obligation to any one group who has donated the most for his cause.

Lakes are Great said...

I'm going to throw in my simple opinion on this matter. I feel like a wierdo hippie talking like this, but I believe the Media is completely corrupt. This country would be in ruins if everything the media portrayed as truth was correct. Unfortunately, (simply my opinion) the ignorance of many Americans is rising and rising. How will an ignorant people elect honest individuals of character to office when they have not put forth the effort to educate themselves about what each candidate really stands for. Campaigns today resemble popularity driven high school elections. I just pray that people will keep their eyes open to the attributes that are abundant in Mitt Romney that a leader of our country should have. Our country needs to get educated.