Sunday, January 27, 2008

We Will Miss You President Hinckley

There are no words. We are so very saddened by the recent passing of our prophet and president, Gordon B. Hinckley just one hour and a half ago. We will miss you greatly. That's an understatement. Sara even broke the news to Addy tonight, and she said "we miss you princky hincky". So happy thinking of him being reunited with his Marjorie. So saddened by the loss of such a great man and such an influential person. Just yesterday we watched a talk he gave in 1994 at BYU entitled "The Lord is at the Helm". In it he said he could be called "Brother Hinckley". God bless you "Brother Hinckley". You have no idea how much you were loved and respected. You were one of a kind.


JAMIE said...

I really am having a hard time with this shock to be honest...He will be so missed! He was MY PROPHET! Thanks for this post

H-less said...

All I have to do is think about what life would be like with out you and then I want to thank President Hinckley that he stuck around this long after Marj had left and to not stay with us another minute. He has already done so much for us, the church and most importantly, the Lord, on earth. I had such sweet thoughts thinking of how they must've attacked each other. I am anticipating, in faith, the confirmation of knowing that the next Prophet will continue being our Prophet. yet it is so hard to think of not having President Hinckley who has been in the first presidency our entire lives.

I love you, forever my sweets.

rachel said...

He certainly is a treasure.
I love your and Sara's blogs. Keep up the great work!